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Here is a graphical representation of the human face.
Here a list of common English Spanish anatomy words.

Spanish English medical dictionary is an important piece of information to bring with you whenever you travel. There is nothing worse than getting sick in a foreign country, than not know the language. With the Spanish medical dictionary, you will be able to converse with your doctor at the hospital or clinic, wherever you may go.
When you are feeling better, and no longer need the Spanish English dictionary, you can safely pack it away with your Spanish medical dictionary and head off and see the sights.
Thank goodness for your Spanish slang dictionary, it keeps you 'hip' while visiting the sights that you've only read about. The Spanish American dictionary helps as you purchase tickets to see the country's newest attractions, and the Spanish food dictionary helps you order at the restaurant, and know what you are ordering. You don't want to get sick again and have to pull out the Spanish English medical dictionary, although you are very thankful that you had it with you. Talk about a lifesaver! You walk into a newer club, and hear everyone using words that you haven't heard before, lucky for you, you have your Spanish slang dictionary and soon you know what they're talking about. You head up to the bar after consulting the Spanish food dictionary and you order like a local. Thank goodness for all of the dictionaries that you brought with you on this vacation, the Spanish English medical dictionary was bar none the best piece of luggage you brought along with you.

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