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Spanish Holidays

Jan 1st Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)
Jan 6th Dia de los tres Reyes (12th night, when Christmas presents are given)
Mar 19th San Jose (Father's Day)
Variable Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
Variable Dia de Pascua (Easter Sunday)
May 1st Dia del Trabajo (Labour Day)
Jun 24th San Juan (St.John's Day)
Variable (mid June) Corpus Christi
Jun 29th San Pedro y San Pablo (St.Peter & St.Paul)
Jul 25th Santiago (St.James, patron saint of Spain)
Aug 15th Asuncion (Assumption)
Oct 12th Dia de la Hispanidad (Columbus Day)
Nov 1st Todos los Santos (All Saints Day)
Dec 6th Dia de la Constitucion (Constitution Day)
Dec 8th Immaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception)
Dec 25th Navidad (Christmas Day)

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